Sept 2009 Newsletter
Posted on Aug 18th, 2009

September 2009
Schools back in session, summer is wrapping up, and our annual home owners meeting is on the 13th of September. The following subjects are addressed below: Annual meeting, website, crime watch, committees, and my favorite pools, ponds, sprinklers, and misc. Enjoy and as always let us know if you have any questions.
Annual meeting
The meeting will be held at Cherry Tree Elementary at 6:30 pm on September 13, 2009. We would like to see a big turn out as the board feels the following topics are important to each homeowner. The topics for the meeting: budget review, yearly recap of board activity, street lights, north entrance improvements, Hazel Dell update, new pool club house concept revealed, covenant change to add language about rentals homes, and new board nominees.
Stay updated with the latest information. For those who have not registered please do so as this is our formal channel of communication. Go to and click on register. From there it is self explanatory. If you need any help please let me know. If anyone is having a problem registering, not receiving emails, or forgot their password please contact me through my home email or my home phone number 706-8996.
Crime Watch
As Bryan Klepinger was gathering information on the street lights concerning safety aspect of lighting the neighborhood. He interviewed Jeff Horner from the Carmel Police department. Officer Horner was clear in saying criminals normally stay away from homes with any of the following: well light, have security systems, have outdoor dogs, or even security signs or stickers. Please continue to double check that your outside lights are working and your house, garage, and car doors are lock.
We are hoping by the time this newsletter is released we will have our new decorative street signs being installed. If they are not you should see them going up during September.
The board and capital committee meet with Stephen Goldberg of SBC, design to discuss adding a club house at the pool area. The board has approved the funds for him to help us with concept drawings. With these drawings we will be able to better understand the cost of the project. We all agreed that the concept for Mr. Goldberg to work with is a location to hold neighborhood parties, porker games, ladies bunko, ladies euchre, penguin parties, as well as rent this room out to homeowners. We also asked him to keep the concept to the outdoor living theme so the club house can be used during our summer hours. We are hoping to have the concept drawing by the annual meeting to share with everyone.
For those who have not posted their opinions in the survey for the street lights please go to the Avian Glen website and do so. It is important that we understand the desires of each homeowner. As mentioned in pervious newsletters and at the capital improvement information meeting we are working to provide information that either does or does not validate our reasoning for installation of the street lights in the neighborhood. This information will be presented during the annual meeting.
Pool, ponds, sprinklers, and misc
Pool – As a reminder the pool will remain open until September 20, 2009, which is an additional two weeks from the past couple of years. Please address all questions, complaints, and or suggests to Cindy Armour (our property manager) or myself. We have worked hard to ensure the pool, restrooms, and pool house area is clean and inviting. Please let myself or any of the other board members know your comments.
Hazel Dell project – We have been in communication with the Mayor, City Counsel, and City engineering concerning the Hazel Dell project – unfortunately this project is so dynamic at this moment if I write anything, by the time the newsletter comes out it very well could change. We have found that the project was originally funded, which is why Crossroads engineering was hired and we have an appraiser contacting us to buy a portion of the first island on the north entrance. Since than Joe Loomis started communicating with the Mayor and City Counsel to find that we are not really sure if the project is approved or if it is on the chopping block to have funding pulled and relocated to the Keystone project. We will keep you informed as we are. This project was to be discussed as a side piece of the Keystone project during the August City Counsel meeting.
I have noticed and appreciate those of you who have made the effort to light your front yard light and those who are keeping the streets clear of grass clippings. We still have some homeowners out there that may not have read the last month’s newsletter, which is the reason I am again restating the following:
I have two issues I need your help. The first one is in Plat Covenants and Restrictions outside lighting section 1 item 27 states, “All lot owners shall be required to have installed at least one gas or electric “dusk to dawn” yard light in the front yard.” Some how I have become the neighborhood light police. Not complaining, however I would like to move on to bigger issue. The other night I counted 32 light poles at 10 pm at night that were not lit. The other issue is blowing your grass in the street after you mow. Not only am I getting complaints, but we now have storm drains and curbs accumulating dead grass clippings. As mentioned we really need your help. Check you light pole (at night) and be neighborly and don’t blow your grass into the middle of the street. Carmel does not have a crew that comes by during the day and cleans up your grass clippings they end up in your neighbors’ yard.
HOA board openings – On the ballet for the next term will be Matt Meier, Todd Curry, and Tara Ascioti. If you are interested in one of the three board openings please come to the annual meeting to have your name written in. If you would like to know more about the board, please contact either of the nomination committee members: Bryan Klepinger, Bill Duffy, or Chris Kelly.
For information, this board as well as previous boards have take the position to not to respond to anonymous letters. If you have a suggestion or compliant please identify yourself.
I would like to congratulate Tom and Salley Mandon at 5292 Avian Way for winning yard of the month. They receive a $50 gift card to Lowes
Bob Percy