Board meeting minutes - Aug/09
Posted on Aug 18th, 2009

Avian Glen Board
Aug 15, 2009
Present: Cindy Armour, Bob Percy, Joe Loomis, James Murphy, Bryan Klepinger, Vicki Shafer
Review of Minutes from July Meeting
· Approved.
· Savings account balance as of 8/09: $51,803.14 (Rolled CDs into savings for signs; already paid $11,000.00 towards signage)
· Checking account balance as of 8/09: $9,515.94
· Dues– Cindy update – Lien on xxx was completed. xxx are paying a little more per billing cycle. xxx, xxx are past due. xxxx are 2 ½ quarters past due; Cindy will call prior to proceeding with the lien.
· Capital Improvement:
1. Street signs
a) The Sign Shop: Cindy update. September 15th is the deadline for completion. Their target date is August 30th. Approval from the city obtained. City has not gotten back to on speed limit signs. Discussion about replacing “deaf child” signage. Perhaps putting it on another sign – on a stop sign. Cindy will investigate.
2. Street lights - General Discussion
a) Bryan update – Safety - Carmel police department. Talked to Carmel Police depart. And there is no data/statistics available. Favorable for lighting. People feel that it does deter crime. Carmel police offered to come to the neighborhood to speak about the issue.
b) Bob update – property value survey
1. Eric Gilbert – Contacted three real estate agents. Felt it would enhance the neighborhood and deter crime.
2. Decision to be made with future board and for discussion at annual meeting.
3. North entrance island lighting -
1. Bob – update on discuss with Steve Brison - Ashpaugh about timeline. Ashpaugh’s bid was approved and talked about timeline in regards to the HD expansion. Requested that Ashpaugh re-do bid if the city buys the front portion of the island. Joe talked to the outside appraiser to determine value of the land on the first North Island. May wait for the appraised value prior to be offered and then meet with the irrigation/landscape businesses. Will need to wait to begin the work.
4. North entrance island irrigation –
a) Bob – update on bids from Barthuly Irrigation. Barthuly submitted several bids. Discussed drip irrigation, run the wires when the bore is done for the electrical work. Recommended to add pressure-regulating heads from 75 to 35 psi. Drip irrigation – $7882. 00. Without drip irrigation - $5331.00. Talked about relocating heads. (Can’t use the same pipe for both water and electric). South entrance – heads only - $482.00. Projected annual water savings for both areas.
5. Pool house irrigation –
a) Bob – discuss Barthuly bid. Cost is $1000.00 for each section; (tennis court side of pool and front of the pool)
6. Pool/Club house architect –
a) James/Bob update on meeting with Stephen Goldberg. Will give us estimate to do architectural drawings for the clubhouse. Two schemes: second level or going out and around the existing structure. If we added a second story, we would need an elevator. Cost of elevator is approx. $30 – 40,000. Needs the Board to choose what type of structure we want. If we add a second story or build around the existing building, there are 16 billable hours (drawing, code research, etc.). Total cost: $1800.00 - $2000.00.
Fee approved for drawings for first floor expansion; expectation is that he completes the code research first and then meets with the Board. Capital Improvement Board will research cost of building.
· ARC submittals - Joe update: No new submittals.
· Fence on Crane – Joe update: Joe talked to xxx and the family involved. Submission was not the fence that was submitted for approval. They reported they made the change since they have 2 huge dogs. xxx have no intention of taking down the fence. Board decision: Will pursue issue with a letter from Cindy regarding noncompliance and ask for owners to make correction. If owners do not change fencing, Board will consult with a lawyer regarding enforcement of covenants.
· Mailbox near xxx house – Joe update: Painted with approved colors.
· Softball update – Joe update: 33 feet from left field fence to the sideline to one of the fields for the younger players. 27 home runs hit last year exceeded that distance. Requested that the field be moved to allow planting of trees. They are proposing to move the fields. Problems: In order to make the change, they need to go to the BZA. Want our HOA approval. The field that backs-up to our pool is approximately the same distance. Proposal: we would agree to changes if they met our requirements for perimeter planting. (Increase planting to “hide” the fields/buildings from the homeowners’ view.
· Sidewalk: Board discussions about next steps. The sidewalk has not been started. Driveways are temporary – just for construction. No perimeter driveways.
· Sidewalk and driveways: Owners have been repairing sidewalks. Cindy will do a drive-through to check on repairs still needed to be completed.
· Dead yews: Cindy will contact Becker. Plants are still under warranty.
- Common Area
· Removal of dead bushes and grasses – Cindy – action to be addressed with Becker on the Yew that was dead on the first island of the south entrance
· Irrigation contracts: will get another bid.
· Landscape contract with First Class: Reconsider alternate company/services for next year
Bob talked to Billy Schafer about mowing common areas, planting and mulch. Cindy handles bid specs and she will give him a copy. (Remove irrigation, fertilizing from his responsibilities).
Manager has been removed and replaced with another First Class person.
Bid jobs: mowing/mulch; irrigation; planting/fertilizing
Aeration bid - approved by First Class for $286.00. To be done in Sept. or Oct. Over-seed islands at the same time. Joe will oversee job.
· Primrose has been treated and is dying.
· Tennis court – Bryan update on David Brentlinger email. Bryan took snapshots. Poles are leaning-in, net is still tight, and dead spots on the court. At this time, it is recommended not to replace the poles. Coating in two places is starting to flake. Water sits in some areas and the cracks are widening. Cracks need to be repaired prior to winter. Was repainted two years ago. Decision: Fill in the cracks. Cindy will find-out how much it will cost to install a different kind of lock on tennis gate, contact companies about crack repair and ask them about the “dead” spots.
· Indy pools – Bob update
o Concerns: pool does not reflect the 2 hours cleaning the Board is paying
o Lifeguard on duty on 8/15 had friends at the pool. Seemed inattentive and friends followed her into the storage room.
o Look into having Roger manage the pools. Roger and Cindy completed the interviews for Prairie View and Roger managed the pools. Fee is $20.00 per hour for Roger and $9.00/hr for lifeguards. The HOA purchased swim suits, whistles, T-shirts, etc. Decision: Interview Roger prior to hiring him. Hire Scott pools as certified pool operators (provides chemicals, provides training).
· Hazel Dell Project –
o Status unclear.
o Hazel Dell project may be delayed due to funding issues/stimulus money issues with Keystone.
· Outside Lighting – Remind homeowners to keep posts lit. Bob will do a drive through to see how many lights are not working. Cindy will post friendly reminders on mailbox.
· Covenant – Rental provision. Bob: Jim Hehner will make changes but has not gotten back to him.
· Yard of the Month: August winner was 5292 Avian Way,
· Board openings – Matt Meier, Todd Curry, Tara Ascioti; interest has been verified.
· Annual meeting – suggestion for September 13, 2009 @ 6:30pm. Cindy will contact Cherry Tree.
· Bidding, from this point forward, will begin in August.