Aug 2009 News Letter
Posted on Jul 19th, 2009

August 2009
Are you ready for your kids to go back to school? The following subjects are addressed below: budget website, crime watch, committees, and my favorite pools, ponds, sprinklers, and misc. Enjoy and as always let us know if you have any questions.
One of our homeowners thought it would be a good idea, I agreed, to summarize how we come up with capital improvement money. Per the Federal Tax code we are considered a “Not for profit” tax organization, but still responsible to pay sales tax. This means every calendar year in our budget we must account for every penny that comes in and not show a profit at the end of the year. During September – December it is a busy time on the board renewing contracts to align the budget in January. If we are under budget at the end of the year the money is carried over to a capital improvement savings account. Over the past years the previous boards have been very fiscally responsible to allow the growth of a savings account, which we now call capital improvement. This past year we raised the dues by $10 dollars per quarter. Of that increase $5 went into the operating budget and $5 went towards increasing the capital improvement line item in the budget. This was in effort for short and long term capital improvement planning. Our capital improvement line item in the budget is now $15,445 or $70 per house. With the money saved on top of our capital improvement line item in the budget we have been able to freshen up the neighborhood by doing the following: North/South entrance landscaping, repaint fence along Hazel Dell and around the pool. Install a new roof on the pool house, repaint the Pool house, and re-landscape the front. Install a stereo system at the pool house. Remove six dead trees and replace them with two new spruces along Hazel Dell. We have also installed new rock around the culverts on both ponds. Upcoming improvements/additions to the neighborhood: decorative street signs to replace the ones install by the city, upgrade the lighting on the North entrance, and upgrade the irrigation on the North entrance. I am sure future boards will carry on the focus of making Avian Glen a neighborhood of choice by ensuring our fresh appearance.
Stay updated with the latest information. For those who have not registered please do so as this is our formal channel of communication. Go to and click on register. From there it is self explanatory. If you need any help please let me know. If anyone is having a problem registering, not receiving emails, or forgot their password please contact me through my home email or my home phone number 706-8996.
As a reminder the website has a section to called Resident Announcements that allows you to post for all registered to read.
Crime Watch
During the month of July we reported several break-ins. Please continue to double check that your house, garage, and car doors are lock. Don’t miss important emails concerning the crime watch,
Capital Improvement- As mention above in the budget section on how money is raised for capital improvements and additions. During the July/09 board meeting we unanimously voted to install the decorative street signs. We are pushing to install the new signs in Sept/09 or sooner. This decision was a collaborative effort of last years board, the capital improvement committee, and our current board. We all agreed it will add value to all homeowners and is aligned with Avian Glen being a neighborhood of choice.
On the website is a survey for those interesting in expressing their opinions on the installation of street lights. We are moving forward with the informational gathering on the street lights to validate the reason for installation: safety, security, and property value. I highly suggestion you express your view through the survey. As always you can call or when I am out in the neighborhood to verbally (not physically) convey your opinion. The plan is to gather the information and share this data at the annual homeowners meeting this September.
Softball Committee – Mr. Loomis sent an update on the Cherry Tree Softball fields. In summary the tree planting is being delayed until late August or early September because of a delay in the delivery and installation of the lights. He will keep you updated so that the perimeter houses can offer suggestions on the planting of the tree locations. The landscape work, originally scheduled for next spring, will be completed this fall. The gate between the pool and tennis court will probably not be open by the start of school due to continued construction. The hope is to reopen the gate sometime in the fall if weather permits and the project can stay on schedule.
Pool, ponds, sprinklers, and misc
Pool – As a reminder the pool is open from 8am to 10pm. The pool is normally cleaned between 9 am and 12 pm daily. The pool attendants’ hours are from 12 pm to 5 pm daily. Please address all questions, complaints, and or suggests to Cindy Armour (our property manager) or myself and not the pool attendant. We have worked hard to ensure the pool, restrooms, and pool house area is clean and inviting. Please let myself or any of the other board members know your comments.
Hazel Dell project – We have a scheduled meeting with the Carmel City Engineer in late July to provide input. As mentioned last month the project is divided into two phases. Phase one will start Aug/Sept. This phase will change Hazel Dell from two lanes to four. Phase 2 will add a roundabout on the North entrance. I or Joe Loomis will keep you updated after the meeting with the city. Joe Loomis has volunteered to be the Avian Glen liaison for this project, since retirement from the board is in my near future.
I have two issues I need your help. The first one is in Plat Covenants and Restrictions outside lighting section 1 item 27 states, “All lot owners shall be required to have installed at least one gas or electric “dusk to dawn” yard light in the front yard.” Some how I have become the neighborhood light police. Not complaining, however I would like to move on to bigger issue. The other night I counted 32 light poles at 10 pm at night that were not lit. The other issue is blowing your grass in the street after you mow. Not only am I getting complaints, but we now have storm drains and curbs accumulating dead grass clippings. As mentioned we really need your help. Check you light pole (at night) and be neighborly and don’t blow your grass into the middle of the street. Carmel does not have a crew that comes by during the day and cleans up your grass clippings they end up in your neighbors’ yard.
Coming up in September the HOA board will have three open positions. If you are interested please talk to any of the three nomination committee members: Bryan Klepinger, Bill Duffy, or Chris Kelly.
I would like to congratulate Bob and Terri Bestvina at 14229 Dove Drive for winning yard of the month. They receive a $50 gift card to Lowes
Bob Percy