July 2009 - HOA board meeting minutes
Posted on Jul 13th, 2009

Avian Glen Board
July 8, 2009
Present: Cindy Armour, Bob Percy, Joe Loomis, James Murphy, Vicki Shafer
Review of Minutes from June Meeting
• Approved
• Savings account balance as of 7/8/09: $38,233,83 (Moved $10,000 CD into account)
• Checking account balance as of 7/8/09: $9,412.58
• CD account balance as of 7/8/09: $23,195.60
• CD account balance as of 7/8/09: 0
• Dues– Cindy update –
• Capital Improvement Committee: James update
1. Capital Improvement Informational Meeting update: Good homeowner turnout with an open discussion about neighborhood issues. General agreement to proceed with street signs.
2. Street signs
a) The Sign Shop bid: Cost: 22 Stop/street ($725.00) 5 stop ($525), 7 speed ($525). For a total of $22,250.00 (15,950 for stop/street and $6,300 for stop and speed signs) $23850.00 for sonatube base. Approved expenditure and will select design/type within the next week. There can be no more than 18 letters per sign in order to maintain appropriate size of the letters.
b) Cindy update on “consent to encroach” with the City. Cindy talked with the city and she is just waiting on consent for the speed limit signs.
c) Bob will sign the contract with The Sign Shop.
3. Street lights - General Discussion –
a) Streetlights can be funded. $1370/mo. over 3 years or $870/mo. over 5 years. Duke energy. Payment plans, and phasing lights into the neighborhood. General Discussion on how to fund this project. Increase dues, special assessment, line item on budget, and/or decrease expenses. However, the funding of the project may be prohibitive at this time.
b) James – capital improvement committee will investigate reasoning for installation of lights: Security, safety, property value. Shirley (homeowner and employee of Duke) will provide information from Duke on any case studies to install lights in neighborhoods.
c) Website survey - July 6/09 13 votes no and 0 votes yes.
d) Communication approach – general discussion. Continue to post information on the website and encourage homeowners to check-out other similar neighborhoods with lighting.
e) Timeline - Streetlight discussion will be held at annual board meeting.
4. North entrance island lighting - Ellison – $10,800.00 Ashpaugh - $8,754.54
a) Ellison declined to re-bid the project since it is the lowest price they can offer.
b) Board voted to approve the rewiring and replacing of island lighting and receptacles with Ashbaugh. The Board will move forward on repairs pending a meeting with Mike McBride, Carmel City engineer.
c) Money will be used from the CDs.
5. North entrance island irrigation – Bob updated. Island trees and grasses not being covered. The spray pattern/location of spray heads on island ends are not correct. Some heads leak at the stem as well as some did not pop up because they were covered by the grass. Bob met with Barthuly Irrigation to discuss irrigation at pool and North island. A bid was made.
6. Pool house irrigation – The position of the nozzles are an issue. There aren’t any nozzles on the area between the pool house and tennis court.
7. General Discuss approach - Pool/Club house architect – James will follow through
• ARC submittals - Joe update: One fence proposed and approved. Discussion included a clarification of the covenants due to the number of addendums added over the years. The creation of a reference list, highlighting the most frequently asked questions about the covenants, was also discussed.
• Mailbox near xxx house – No change in the color. Joe will talk to the homeowner prior to our next meeting.
• Softball update – Joe shared an update regarding the progress of the Cherry Tree softball fields. His memo will be posted on the website. The playgrounds will be completed prior to the start of school. The installation of the field lights will not occur until the end of July/August. The gate between the school and the Avian Glen pool will not be unlocked until the grass is established. Also included in the memo is a note about the private sidewalk on Warbler Way.
• Cement repair: Per the Carmel Street department, homeowners are responsible for sidewalk repair from the top of the curb to their property. Carmel will make repairs from the top of the curb to the street and street.
- Common Area
• North entrance lights – Refer to comments under financial.
• Removal of dead bushes and grasses –Removed by Becker.
• First Class – Bob update – There is some dissatisfaction with First Class. North entrance had many weeds. Tina and Bob Percy weeded and installed mulch on trees of the north entrance islands to keep weeds low. Even following meetings with First Class, they are not weeding the beds. Next board may want to review contract and discuss other options i.e., sub-out the three components: irrigation, “mow and blow”, and landscaping; hire another company.
• Primrose build-up in West pond. Board approved contract for $750.00 that will provide service through 10/31/09 to address primrose problem.
• Sewer leak between pines and Amy Neidlinger –Update: Homeowner’s irrigation system is at fault.
• Pool/Tennis common area –Pool Czar this season – Bob/Bryan
• Window stop pool rooms – No new information at this time.
• Indy pools – Bob
1. Heath inspection. Discussion with Indy pools. Cindy will follow through as well as get sign templates from Prairie View.
2. Pool supervisor – Hilary Hoover – update. Pool, deck, and bathrooms. She is doing a good job. Homeowners, however, need to take more responsibility in cleaning-up after themselves and their children.
3. Certified pool manager - Cindy shared that DRW is used on a regular basis in other neighborhoods. Prairie View also has hired its own staff and manager.
• Hazel Dell Project –
1) Bob update: Widening will occur in the Fall, 2009 and roundabout construction will begin in the Spring, 2010. The North entrance will be affected. There will be some loss of property at the East end of the 1st island. At the meeting with the engineer, the Board or its liaison, will ask the city to provide some buffering for the properties closest to the roundabout.
2) Board liaison will be Joe Loomis.
3) Meeting with Mike McBride – agenda items: north/south homeowners, entrance planting to block car headlights, resurfacing, island lighting, island irrigation. Cindy will arrange meeting.
• Outside Lighting – Plat Covenants and Restrictions –Bob will put a blurb in the next newsletter regarding wattage and keeping the lamp posts in working condition. Cindy will also include a flyer in the next bill.
• Covenant – Rental proposal was reviewed and two suggestions were made. They are to allow for a variance in the length of time a homeowner lives in a home prior to renting and the length of time a home is permitted to be rented. The request for a variance would need to be reviewed by the Board.
• Capture Media directory – Bob is updating the directory list. It will be completed in July/09 and submitted.
• Yard of the Month: July winner: 14229 Dove Drive.
• Board openings – general discussion
• Crime Report: 3 car break-ins and 1 home in the Trails on 7/4/09
• Next meeting: Tuesday, August 11 @ 14349 Avian Way (Joe’s house)