Jun/09 - HOA meeting minutes
Posted on Jun 9th, 2009

Avian Glen Board
June 3, 2009
Present: Cindy Armour, Bob Percy, Bryan Klepinger, Joe Loomis, James Murphy, Vicki Shafer
Review of Minutes from May Meeting
• Approved.
• Savings account balance as of $27,220.71
• Checking account balance as of $4,648.53
• CD account balance as of $23,109.51
• CD account balance as of $10,468.50
• Dues– Lien was sent for (nonpayment).
• Capital Improvement Committee: James update - the board on discussions with the Capital Improvement Committee.
1. Revitalization project at Pool completed. Total approximately $7500.00.
2. Cindy update bid: Cost: 22 Stop/street ($725.00) 5 stop ($525), 7 speed ($525) For a total of $22,250.00 (15,950 for stop/street and $6,300 for stop and speed signs) $23850.00 for sonitube
base. Board approved expenditures for street signs. Money to be used from CDs.
3. Cindy update on “consent to encroach” with the City
4. General Discussion - Streetlights can be funded. $1370/mo. over 3 years or $870/mo. over 5 years. 22 street stop Duke energy. Payment plans, and phasing lights into the neighborhood. General Discussion on how to fund this project. Increase dues, special assessment, line item on budget, and/or decrease expenses.
5. Discussion: Priority of improvements: Repair North island lighting, install street signs, install streetlights. Streetlight discussion will be held at annual board meeting; financial information will be presented at that time.
6. General Discuss approach - Pool/Club house architect – James will follow through
7. North entrance island lighting: Ellison – $10,800.00 Ashpaugh - $8,754.54 Will have Ellison rebid the contract since their original bid was made in January. Board voted to approve the rewiring and replacing of island lighting and receptacles with the lowest bidder. Cindy will email board members with the information once all bids have been received. Money will be used from the CDs.
• Met two weeks ago and discussed all projects. Focus on the street signs by using the money from the CDs. Driveway/back yard meetings – capital improvement committee idea from Mike Johnson – to update neighbors on proposed ideas and timelines.
• Emergency fund: $15,000.00 should be kept available.
• ARC submittals - Nothing submitted this month
• Mailbox post – Cindy called again and the homeowner was irate. Letter will be sent indicating that if the mailbox is not painted prior to the July board meeting, the association will paint it and bill the homeowner. Board has been asking for the past 3 months to paint post same color as indicated on website.
• Softball update – Joe update. Will meet next month once the lights have been installed. May get stakes for homeowners to put where they would like the items planted. Softball fields in the retention areas have been wet all spring. Discussed the addition of “No Parking” signs to use during softball games.
• Cement repair: Bob update
1. Following are interested: Kelly’s - Driveway, Carabello’s - Driveway, Lisby’s - Sidewalk, Percy’s – new cement work, Jones - Sidewalk, Shafer – driveway & sidewalk, Campins-Schneider - , Hennie – driveway, Swigart - , Langsekamp - sidewalk. Bryan has arranged two different contractors for bids. Bob to update with homeowners. Talked to all the homeowners and the list given to the 2 contractors.
2. Report on damaged sidewalks – Bryan investigated and provided pictures. Cindy will send letters to those who have sidewalks/driveways with crumbling cement.
3. Cindy will contact city regarding corners that are below the curb (city repaired storm drains and the curb is now higher than the sidewalk.
Common Area
• North entrance lights – Refer to comments under financial.
Removal of dead bushes and grasses – Becker. Cindy update on the North entrance grasses; Cindy will call Becker.
• First Class – Bob update on meeting with Stan. Cindy and Bob met with First Class regarding expectations of their work. Weed, mow, and let homeowners know if something needs to be addressed.
• Primrose build-up in West pond. Can’t spray until there is so much primrose before it can be treated.
• Pool/Tennis common area – open discussion about a Pool Czar. For now Bob and Bryan will take on the responsibilities
• Discussion about installation of security cameras to decrease vandalism after hours.
• Bryan will put window stops on the windows.
• Indy pools – Cindy contacted lifeguards to fill in vacancies. Patrick is not the manager any longer. Hillary Hoover is now the manager.
• New board to consider the employment of a certified pool manager @ $20.00/hour.
• Next meeting: July 8, 2009 @ 6:30 @ Mudsocks
• Covenants and bylaw discussion: Talk to Jim Hehner. Jim is still working on the rental clause for the covenents
• Vendors update on information needed to be added to website: No interest at this time.
• Capture Media Presentation – Bob update (directory list by June/09, publish date in July/09)
• Yard of the Month: 14290 Dove Drive. Cindy will keep a tally of former winners. $50 gift card will be given to each winner.