April/09 - HOA meeting minutes
Posted on Jun 2nd, 2009

Avian Glen Board
March 30, 2009
Present: Cindy Armour, Bob Percy, Bryan Klepinger, Joe Loomis, James Murphy, Vicki Shafer
Review of Minutes from March Meeting
• Any open issues – Bryan.
• Savings account balance as of 3/09 $26,223.55
• Checking account balance as of 3/09 $28,936.29
Suggested: Cap for the checking account: $15,000.00 – James to report on discuss with Cindy about a soft limit for the checking account.
• CD account balance as of 3/09 is $23,023.74 (matures July 2009)
• CD account balance as of 3/09 is $10,424.54 (matures July 2009)
• Past due accounts: Cindy will call and send letter.
• Capital Improvement Committee – James
1. Cindy to report on Survey results (Street lights seemed to be a favorite.)
2. James to report on discussion with Cindy about proposal to spend on street signs
3. Last month it was discussed: Street signs: Cindy and Bryan counted the total numbers. Combine as much as you can, i.e., street/stop. Street/stop is approx. $850. Stop signs, speed limits - $750 each. (Pacesetter Marketing)
4. James to report on discussion with Eric Gilbert about proposal for street lights. To discuss with Duke energy. Payment plans, and phasing lights into the neighborhood
5. Cindy to report any update on the Barrett Law Revolving Improvement Fund –municipality’s capital improvement leverage Used for lighting.
6. Bob follow up with City Carmel and Jim Hehner about the Barrett Law Revolving Improvement Fund
7. Pool/Club house architect – James – Capital Improvement Comm.
8. James will present plan to Capitol Improvement Committee on April 27th for lights, pool house, and street signs. Will bring motion to vote to board (most likely lights and street signs. Approval for money for architects for pool house.
• ARC submittals - Joe report. Nothing submitted.
• Mailbox discussion – friendly reminder about mailbox upkeep.
• Softball update – Joe. About 25 have been active with softball issues. School board is being cooperative.
Common Area
• Stump removal is done. Addition of 2 trees is $836.10.
• Street resurfacing – Cindy update: April 1st.
• Irrigation at Pool house needs box repair, did First Class take checked and it doesn’t need to be repaired. Will continue to monitor.
• Cement repair:
1. Following are interested: Kelly’s, Carabello’s, Lisby’s, Percy’s
2. Report on damaged sidewalks – Bryan. Criteria for replacement: crumbled cement
• Fountain in pond
• Timer vs. Dusk to Dawn – cost $167.96 (Bob will check-out the fountain to see how difficult it is to manually change the operation.)
• Pool drain replacement. Drained and cleaned on 4/2. DRW will replace drains within the next two weeks. Locks changed.
• Rekeyed pool storage room, drainage, padlock on front gate, padlock on baby pool, and padlocks on the bathroom.
• Pool/Tennis common area - Bryan
o Storage room clean out – will be completed on May 2nd.
o Landscaping at pool house – Wait until next month to determine what will be needed.
o Pool house repaint – Colors – Bob will chose several colors.
o Pool house roof – Bryan will facilitate repair (completed by mid-May)
o Bryan will buy two tables.
o Tennis net was vandalized. Repaired.
o Cracks filled on the tennis court? – Bryan will check it out.
o Phone and trash service will be resumed the first week of May.
o Electrical inspection will be done the first week of May.
• Next meeting: May 7th @ 6:00pm at Mudsocks
• Covenants and bylaw discussion: General discussion
• Vendors update on information needed to be added to website –
o A&R was added. First Class was sent an email.
• Any homeowner with a small business that would like to advertise on the website
• Capture Media Presentation – Bob update (directory list by June/09, publish date in July/09)