May/09 - HOA meeting minutes
Posted on Jun 3rd, 2009

Avian Glen Board
May 11, 2009
Present: Cindy Armour, Bob Percy, Bryan Klepinger, Joe Loomis, James Murphy, Vicki Shafer
Review of Minutes from February Meeting
• Approved.
• Savings account balance as of $26,714.55
• Checking account balance as of $25,373.96
• CD account balance as of $23,109.51
• CD account balance as of $10,466.98
• Dues– Accounts reviewed.
• All – Open discussion on allocation of funds to ensure we are fiscally responsible towards future boards. Limits in Checking account, Savings account and Emergency funds. Discuss yearly budgets
• Capital Improvement Committee: Next meeting 5/20/09
1. Revitalization project at Pool completed. Total approximately $7500.00.
2. Street signs ($32,000.00) need to pay at time of initiation. (Sign Shop) Will vote on next mtg.
Move to investigate firm prices. Cindy will get “consent to encroach”.
3. Streetlights can be funded. $1370/mo. over 3 years or $870/mo. over 5 years. ($2700/light7
15 lights. Duke energy. Payment plans, and phasing lights into the neighborhood
4. Pool/Club house architect – General Discuss approach
• ARC submittals - Joe report
• Mailbox discussion – Continue friendly reminder about mailbox up keep
• Softball update – Residents have been using entrance off of Warbler. Potential for increased traffic on Warbler due to parking situation at Cherry Tree for softball games. Currently the entrance has been blocked. Sidewalk will be built from the pool area to the school.
Common Area
• Street resurfacing – Not on the list; Cindy will investigate.
• Removal of dead bushes – Becker. Will remove/replace within next ten days.
• Cement repair:
1. Following are interested: Kelly’s - Driveway, Carabello’s - Driveway, Lisby’s - Sidewalk, Percy’s – new cement work, Jones - Sidewalk, Shafer – driveway & sidewalk. Two more residents will be added to the list. Bob will touch base with the contractor.
2. Report on damaged sidewalks – Bryan will investigate.
• Algae build-up in West pond
• Pool/Tennis common area – open discussion about a Pool Czar
• Leak in pump. Cindy will have Indy Pools look into it.
• Next meeting: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 @ Mudsocks.
• Covenants and bylaw discussion: Talk to Jim Hehner
• Vendors update on information needed to be added to website –
o First Class – have not heard anything back from email
o Any homeowner with a small business that would like to advertise on the website – general discussion
• Capture Media Presentation – Bob update (directory list by June/09, publish date in July/09)
• Yard of the Month: Drive around neighborhood and give suggestions to Bob.