June 2009 News Letter
Posted on May 19th, 2009

June 2009
Summer is here and I am ready for it. For me summer is all about being outside riding bikes with the kids, washing the cars, mowing the yard (in my case watching my wife mow with a cold one in my hand), and my endless effort to break 120 on my golf game. The following subjects are addressed below: website, crime watch, committees, and my favorite pools, ponds, sprinklers, and misc. Enjoy and as always let us know if you have any questions.
The board wants to assist in supporting our homeowner with small local business. We will open up the website to allow you to advertisement in the sponsor section. If you interested in free advertising on the website please let me know.
Just a reminder on June 26, 2009 I will dump the data and send it to Capture Media for our neighborhood directory. Please double check your profile to ensure it is correct. For those who have not registered please do so as this is our formal channel of communication. Go to and click on register. From there it is self explanatory. If you need any help please let me know. If anyone is having a problem registering, not receiving emails, or forgot their password please contact me through my home email or my home phone number 706-8996.
Crime Watch
Don’t miss important emails concerning the crime watch, please register on . For those that are register, you received several emails this past month about burglaries in the surrounding neighborhoods. Unfortunately, on of those reported was one of our own. Please ensure all house, garage, and car doors are lock.
Reported last month was the results of the Capital Improvement survey. A quick recap of the three top listed in priority by voters: Street Signs, Street Lights, and Pool Club house. Our HOA board and Capital Improvement Committee are hard at work preparing timelines and funding to be able to bring the proposal in front of the board for a vote. We are anticipating the leg work to be completed by July 2009 for a vote on the street signs. The Capital Improvement Committee has already been in contact with Duke Power and has received pricing. We are working towards a goal date for September 2009 to have all the information together for a vote. The Club house is a bit more complicated and will take some time. Once we get through the street signs and street lights we can begin the ground work. Mentioned over the past newsletters, web postings, and the last HOA annual meeting the focus is to develop Avian Glen as a neighborhood of choice. These capital improvements are actions to ensure this mission as well as protecting our property values.
Pool, ponds, sprinklers, and misc
As you may have noticed the pool house and landscaping received a facelift. It received a new roof, new paint color on the pool house and shutters, re-landscaped the front, new toilet in the men’s restroom, supply room cleaned out, pump room cleaned out, new vents were installed in both men’s and women’s restrooms, pot hole in the parking lot fixed, basketball nets replaced, and tennis court gate fixed. Still remaining is the power wash the pool deck and repaint the wooden fence. This could not be done without the great volunteerism and citizenship we have in this neighborhood. With that said I would like to thank the following for their help with the pool house revitalization project: Mike Rokop, Carl Lally, Bill Duffy, Steve Cobb, Kenya Cobb, Anna Maria Bernocco, Matt Meier, Todd Curry, Dan Ferracciolo, and Vicki Shafer. We had a tremendous help from the kids, sometimes they wanted to help a little more then we did; Morgan Klepinger, Matthew Klepinger, Mason Klepinger, Cason Percy, Olivia Murphy, Charles Murphy, Connor Murphy, Harrision Hollman, Landon Hollman, Drew Cobb, Lauren Cobb, Megan Cobb, Ben Ferracciolo, and Zack Ferracciolo. I would especially like to thank those who where there Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Tina Klepinger, Colette Murphy, Tina Percy, Jon Hollman, James Murphy and the project manager Bryan Klepinger for pulling this together.
Friendly reminder to inspect your mail box and post for its condition, it took almost three years to standardize the mailboxes. And the condition is noticed by all that drive through the neighborhood.
As mentioned last month the board has voted to talk with homeowners whose sidewalks and driveways are showing signs of being crumbled. If you are one of those or would like to take advantage of the cement contractor we are working with to provide a group rate please let me know. We are planning to start at the end of June. As of today I have the following families interested in cement repair or other cement projects: Kelly’s, Carabello’s, Lisby’s, Percy’s, Shafer’s, Swigart’s, Jones and Langsekamp’s. For reference, since we did not know how many are committed the contactor bid the group rate based on 10 sidewalk squares. His price is $300 for each square.
Bob Percy