News Letter - May/09
Posted on Apr 15th, 2009

May 2009
Welcome to May. I hope everyone had a great spring break and Easter with their families. The following subjects are addressed below: budget, website, landscaping, crime watch, committees, and my favorite pools, ponds, sprinklers, and misc. Enjoy and as always let us know if you have any questions.
In attempts to support our homeowner with small local business we will open up the website to allow you to advertisement in the sponsor section. If you are a homeowner with a small business please feel free to advertise. We want to support our local economy and especially you the Avian Glen homeowner. If you have any question please contact me.
We have just signed an agreement with Capture Media. These are the folks that provide you the wonderful news letter every month. One of the added features they are giving to us is a directory. This directory will save us approximately $300 dollars. My plan is to use all the homeowners that are registered on the website. The reason is this is our main source of communication and current data. There is a feature inside for me to export the data and provide it to them. On June 26, 2009 I will dump the data and send it to Capture Media. If you need help register yourself or family please call and I will assist. If you have you need to update any information please do so. For those who just have not register please do so this is our channel for communication. Go to and click on register. From there it is self explanatory. If you need any help please let me know. If anyone is having a problem registering, not receiving emails, or forgot their password please contact me through my home email or my home phone number 706-8996.
Our target date to freshen up the pool house and surround landscape is May 2/3. Bryan Klepinger is heading up this project and will be looking for volunteers. At this time we are planning to repaint the pool house, trim the overgrown bushes/shrubs, and clean out the storage room. I will post the information and send an email for those who are registered on the website as we get closer.
Crime Watch
Don’t miss important emails concerning the crime watch, please register on
Capital Improvement is an active topic on the board and throughout the Capital Improvement Committee. James Murphy has assembled the Capital Improvement committee in April as a result of the survey. I would like to thank those 24 individual that took the time to send in a survey. With 11% of the homeowner responding the board and Capital Improvement Committee will work on these three in this priority: Street Signs, Street Lights, and Pool Club house.
Pool, ponds, sprinklers, and misc
Quick update on your; pools, ponds, sprinklers, and misc. Thank you for your help reminding the kids to not throw the newly placed rocks around the culverts in the Avian Glen ponds. For those that have noticed the pool covers are off and the pool is being drain to comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.
A Friendly reminder to inspect your mail box and post for its condition, we are trying to ensure the neighborhood is maintain which does not degrade our property value more than they already have due to the economy.
To give homeowners guidance on our consideration of an unsafe sidewalks and driveways per municipal code governing the sidewalks see the City of Carmel general requirements 6-222 (b) (2) is crumbled. If you are one of those that have cracks or who’s cement is uneven due to ground settling please consider joining this group rate, however we will not be asking you to repair your sidewalk and/or driveway. There are several sidewalks in the neighborhood whose cement is crumbling. If you would like to take advantage of a group rate please let me know. As of today I have the following families interested in cement repair or other cement projects: Kelly’s, Carabello’s, Lisby’s, Percy’s, and Schafer’s. For reference, since we did not know how many are interested, the contactor bid the contract based on 10 sidewalk squares. His price is $300 for each square.
Bob Percy