Avian Glen Board - minutes from Mar/09 meeting
Posted on Mar 13th, 2009

Avian Glen Board
March 4, 2009
Present: Cindy Armour, Bob Percy, Bryan Klepinger, Joe Loomis, James Murphy, Vicki Shafer
Review of Minutes from February Meeting
• Any open issues – Bryan. No open issues.
• February minutes accepted
• Savings account balance as of 3/09 is $ 16,798.01
• Checking account balance as of 3/09 is $21,345.87
Suggested: Cap for the checking account: $15,000.00. Balance over this amount would be put into
savings for Capital Improvement. Cindy will study further.
• CD account balance as of 3/09 is $22,984.47
• CD account balance as of 3/09 is $10,404.42
• lien: Will be signed and notarized.
• Capital Improvement Committee – James
Eric Gilbert: Determined suggested placement of lights, proposed costs ($30,000.00)
Committee will look into several options
Street signs: Cindy and Bryan counted the total numbers. Combine as much as you can, i.e., street/stop.
Street/stop is approx. $850. Stop signs, speed limits - $750 each. (Pacesetter Marketing)
James and Cindy will meet to determine how much money we can allocate for the project
• Barrett Law Revolving Improvement Fund – Bob
Gives municipalities capital improvement leverage
Used for lighting. Very difficult to get.
Cindy will research.
Pool/Club house architect – No additional information
• Canary Court- House painting (approved)
• Mailbox fixed on Canary
• Mailbox – post different color - no response to letter
• Pete Black is moving March/April. Mark Wolfe is replacing him.
• Submittals this month – No additional ones
• Softball update – Joe
Perimeter plantings – adding 94 trees. Spruce trees – 6 to 9’ tall. Placement will not be this Spring, but in the Fall after meeting with homeowners.
Joe suggested the trees should go in after the completion of the building and placement of lights.
July/August, 2009: Proposed meeting with architect and Carmel personnel to discuss placement of trees.
Common Area
• Stump removal – Cindy meeting with company tomorrow
• Street resurfacing is being reviewed by the City of Carmel this month. City is doing drive throughs next week. List should be available April 1st.
• Irrigation at Pool house needs box repair. First Class will look at it and give estimate.
• Cement repair: Board discussion - Target date and approach – June/July. Board will divide neighborhood and list needed areas.
• All Rip Raf on both ponds needs to be discussed – damage done.
• Pool Supervisor is Betz’s from last year.
• Electrical outlet in bathrooms at pool need GFCI Protection per the Insurance inspection
Cindy will have that completed.
• Pool drain replacement
• Rekey pool storage room and pump room –approved.
• Storage room clean out – after Spring break. Bryan will do inventory.
• Landscaping – at pool house
• Hazel Dell update
• Next meeting: Monday March 30, 2009 @ 6:00pm - Mudsocks
• Convenants and bylaw discussion: Target for future discussion
• Vendors: update on information needed to be added to website
• Nomination committee – Bill Duffy/Chris Kelly/Bryan Klepinger
• Capture Media Presentation
Contact person – Carol Brewer
New owner – Joe Stegmann
New product – neighborhood directory – free for association
Partnership agreement: 2-year proposal (90 days break clause with additional 90 days unable to sign with another company)
Contract approved.