Board meeting meeting minutes - Feb/09
Posted on Feb 9th, 2009

Avian Glen Board
February 4, 2009
Present: Cindy Armour, Bob Percy, Bryan Klepinger, Joe Loomis, James Murphy, Vicki Shafer
Review of Minutes from January Meeting
• Any open issues need to discuss – Bryan. No changes – approved.
• Savings account balance as of 2/09 is $ 16,337.69
• Checking account balance as of 2/09 is $32,289.12
Should the checking account balance be limited to a certain monetary limit? James will investigate.
• CD account balance as of 2/09 is $10,338.59
• Capital Improvement Committee – James
1. Update – Jan/09 meeting. Mike Johnson, Eric Gilbert, Jim Hehner
Consensus: Keep everything fresh, updated. Ideas: pool, lighting, street signs.
Want to develop a plan and promote it to the neighborhood.
Plan: 1. Survey homeowners to prioritize capital improvements to include in March mailing
2. Get estimates for pool house 3. Reserve study
2. Pricing for lamp post and street signs – Cindy
Information shared with Eric Gilbert.
Currently 34 signs in neighborhood; approx. cost is $34,000.00
Streetlights: $3300.00 per light with Duke
• No submittal this month
• Canary Court- Update - Cindy: CA company bought the house. Cindy is sending bill.
• Softball update – No update at this time. Focus is on the perimeter planting. Joe has gotten a number of calls about the gate to Cherry Tree. Plans for the building in the middle of the complex have been finalized.
• Pete Black is moving March/April. Need to replace him - Bob/Joe
• Mailbox post painted a different color– Cindy sent letter to have it painted when the weather warms.
Common Area
• Snow removal complaints – Board discussion about several complaints during the heavy snow.
• Stump removal and tree installation will take place after thaw
• Homeowner trash dumpster gone, and phone number disconnected.
• Cement contractor for Sidewalks - Bryan got section pricing – about $300.00 per section, based on 10 sections needing repaired. When snow is gone will verify how many sections and if other neighbors are interested in cement work.
• All Rip Raf on both ponds complete.
• Pool Contract signed for $17,852.00 – Bob will review with Cindy and then sign contract.
• Convents and bylaw discussion about reviewing them – Board discussion. Posted on the web site.
• Vendors – Sponsored Website & Companies doing business with Avian Glen. She will contact current companies with signed contracts and offer a free posting for 2009 - update - Cindy reported that First Class and A & R would participate. First Class will also sponsor picnic.
• Nomination committee – Bylaws state 3 committee members. Currently on the website are Chris Kelly, Bill Duffy, Jason Bickett, and Bryan Klepinger. – Board discussion. Bob will contact members to see if they are still interested in being on the committee.
• Back dues discussions. Cindy will send notice to owner.
• Next meeting: Wednesday, March 4, 2009 @ Mudsocks. 6:00pm