News Letter January 2009
Posted on Dec 18th, 2008


January 2009
I hope all of you had great holidays and enjoyed visiting family and friends. Now it’s time to bundle up and enjoy the NFL playoffs. The following subjects are addressed below: budget, website, landscaping, crime watch, committees, and my favorite pools, ponds, sprinklers, and misc. Enjoy and as always let us know if you have any questions.
We were hit by the economic bug as all of you are. However, we are finished with the negotiations all and contracts are signed. Our budget is properly funded and did absorb the escalations. The following contractors will be our partners in 2009: Landscaping – First Class, Ponds – ASAP, Pool – Indy Pools, Snow Removal – AAR, and Property Management – Armour Property.
One area in the budget that was reorganized was the category of capital improvement. This was changed so this board and all future boards are able to see capital improvement expenditures and to be held accountable for them.
The website is up and running. We have added three new features on the website: ability to upload your own pictures to the website, recipe posting area, and a section so that you can make your own announcement on the website.
Our goal was to have 100% of the homeowners registered by January 1, 2009. Unfortunately, we did not make it. As of mid December 2008 we have half the homeowners registered. We will continue to push our efforts to have all homeowners register as the board firmly believes the internet is the best way to communicate.
If anyone is having a problem registering, not receiving emails, or forgot their password please contact me through my home email or my home phone number 706-8996.
We have approved the removal six trees along Hazel Dell, the stump on the south entrance, and in front of the parking lot. In place of the six trees we have allocated funds to plant two trees. We are planning to clean up the overgrown landscaping around the pool house in the spring time. If you would like to volunteer please let me know.
Crime Watch
Our crime watch group has sent out two emails to those have registered on the websites for burglary occurrences in the area. Let us know if you did not receive those two emails.
The Capital Improvement Committee is looking for volunteers. An email was sent to all Avian Glen Website registered individuals detailing the purpose of the committee as well as the responsibility of the individuals on the committee. The email covered the forward thinking responsibility of the Capital Improvement Committee, which is to ensure long term planning and availability of capital.
To summarize, the board has approved a five person committee. The committee is responsible to carry a long term vision for Avian Glen as board members rotate. Each committee member will assist with the legwork on capital improvement projects, provide suggestions, and offer guidance to the HOA board on long term capital improvement planning. If you would like to read more please go to the website where the information is posted. Or if you would like to volunteer for a remaining open position please contact me.
Our big project we are looking at is the pool house and its surrounding area.
Pool, ponds, sprinklers, and misc
Quick update on your; pools, ponds, sprinklers, and misc. We have finalized our pool contract with Indy Pools. This year we will extend our pool season by two weeks. The pool will open on May 25, 2009 and close on September 20, 2009. Along with extending the season Indy Pools will be responsible for two hours of cleaning while on duty. The board approved rock to be added to all culverts in both ponds.
As a friendly reminder all sidewalks are the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain. Over the next couple months we will be in contact with several cement contractors to see if we can get a group bid for those of you that need repairs to your sidewalk. Please let us know if you are interested
Stay warm,
Bob Percy