HOA dues increase - letter to homeowners
Posted on Dec 4th, 2008

Homeowners,                                                                                        November 25, 2008
We, the Avian Glen Homeowners Association Board approved a $40 dollars per year ($10 dollars per quarter) increase to our dues. Our annual dues will now be $480 dollars per year. This increase of $10 dollars per quarter will be seen on your April 2009 invoice. The board approved this increase for two reasons: to offset increases in contracts and to ensure long term capital improvement projects will be funded. Also, provided is a survey of surrounding neighborhoods annual dues.
We had three main areas in our operating budget increase: lawn care, pool, and management fee. We contracted Becker last year to take care of our greenscapes. We paid them $23,046. This year their bid was slightly over $28,000. Because of this increase and problems during the entrance landscaping job they performed we chose a new company named First Class. Their bid was $25,120. The Pool last year cost us $15,124. We are currently still in negotiations; however the bid to us for the same service is $18, 385. Lastly, our property management fee was increased from $8580 per year to $9300 per year. These increases alone total $5290. To offset these increases we changed insurance companies which save us $1300. In addition to the insurance company we had some other offsets in last years budget that helped ease the $5290 increase. The fact still remains, contracts have increased and so has the operating expenditures in our budget.
The other reason we have increased dues was to start the alignment process of long term capital improvement projects. This effort is to ensure funding is available to keep Avian Glen a neighborhood of choice. The goal of a long term vision and planning was explained during the 2008 Annual Homeowners meeting. In order to keep up with competing neighborhoods and make certain property values do not decrease because of our common areas we needed to adjust our forward thinking. We started by establishing a reserve study in July 2008. This study included some of the areas in the neighborhood that need attention and other areas would add value by upgrading them. As you are all aware, both north and south entrances received a face lift. We also recognize the east pond fountain pump will need to be replaced in the future, pool house needs preventative maintenance (painting, new roof, and landscaping thinned out), and various trees around the neighborhood need to be replaced. Upgrades to the neighborhood currently being discussed are decorative street signs to replace the current ones (street names, stop sign, speed limit, etc…) and remodeling the pool house, pool, and tennis court. The reserve study is the homeowners blue print for the future.
In the interest gathering information to make an informative decision the board obtained 4 different surrounding neighborhood annual dues:
  • Neighborhood #1, 151 homes, pool, 2 ponds, and playground $650
  • Neighborhood #2, 34 homes, no pool or no ponds just common area $415
  • Neighborhood #3, 153 homes, pool, 2 ponds, and tennis court $650
  • Neighborhood #4, 306 homes, pool, clubhouse, 2 ponds, and tennis court $960
Please be assured this increase was extensively discuss and unanimously approved. We want Avian Glen to be the neighborhood of choice. This increase was a step to ensure this vision is realized.
Avian Glen Homeowners Board