Softball Construction Update
Posted on Nov 15th, 2008

     On Wednesday, October 22nd, the first phase of the Cherry Tree softball complex was completed.  This was about day 57 (not counting Sundays) of the expected 61 day construction timeline for this phase.  With the exception of a temporary road being installed recently on the far south side of the complex, the construction went as planned.  The lack of rain resulted in a coating of dust and dirt for homes on the perimeter of the property that was not welcomed.  However, it did cause this phase to be completed a few days early and there is even some grass growing in some places.
     As the project continues, the Board of Directors has:
1.  discussed the future options for the west gate between the complex and the pool/tennis court area.  The gate will be closed until construction is completed at the end of phase 2 (probably sometime during the 09-10 school year).
2.  discussed how we might assist the safety of the south entrance to the school property off of Warbler Way.  There is no gate at this entrance and the sidewalk between school property and Warbler way is privately owned.  We will work with the homeowners and discuss future options if any are desired.
3.  discussed future potential parking problems that could impact the neighborhood streets beginning in 2010.
     Joe Loomis has informed the superintendent of schools, Dr. Underwood, that the Homeowners Association will be monitoring the construction and use of the facility and will focus on communicating concerns to and from the schools via Joe Loomis and Dr. Underwood.  Dr. Underwood promised to communicate the perimeter landscaping plan once a draft was developed.  To date no such plan has been discussed or exists.
     If you have questions or concerns with current or future aspects of this enormous change in our subdivision, please email Joe Loomis (  He will ensure your comments are communicated to the Board of Directors and/or the superintendent of schools.  While many homeowners were opposed to the expansion of the softball complex, the decsion has been made and the complex is 50% complete.  We must now focus our efforts on monitoring the next phase of the construction and on the best possible coexistence with this facility as we continue to promote our neighborhood as one of the best in Carmel.