HOA Board - Nov/08 montly meeting minutes
Posted on Nov 10th, 2008

Avian Glen Homeowners Association Board Meeting
November 4, 2008
Present: Cindy Armour, Bob Percy, Bryan Klepinger, Vicki Shafer, Joe Loomis
Armour Management Company – report by Cindy Armour
·         Savings account balance as of 10/08 is $52,174.05
·         Checking account balance as of 10/08 is $21,298.73
·         CD account balance as of 10/08 is$22,776.65
·         CD account balance as of 10/08 is $10,000.00
·   Mailboxes – Two houses still remain with a green mailbox. New mailboxes are on order and will be replaced, bill with be sent to homeowners. One house has a mailbox post that was painted a different color. Property manager will contact homeowner. One house mail post has fallen down. Property manager will contact homeowner.
 COMMON AREA: Carry-over from previous meeting
·   Status of landscaping – completed. Cindy will call regarding replacement of dead shrubs/trees. Bill will be authorized to be paid, less irrigation fees, replacement of dead items, and review of contract.
·   Light project Cost was $900.00; under budget.
·   Rebid Christmas Lights on first island trees at entrances, entrance walls, and wreaths.
Completed and Sundown won bid at $975.00.
·   Irrigation box at front of Pool house needs to be checked. Will be checked in spring. All Irrigation systems are winterized.
·   Six Spruce trees newly installed will be removed and ground repaired with a credit.
·    Certa Pro will be spraying the pool fence. 
·   Will rebid contract with Becker for next year (First Class, Engledow, Becker)
Becker  $28,875.00 – an increase of $5,000.00
First Class         $23,932.13
Salsbery        $38,635.47
Pending contract review, Board will approve landscaping contract with First Class.
·   Snow removal contract; last year we used A & R. Will also bid the landscapers for snow removal.
A and R 3” to 5” $625.00
Salsbery 3” to 5” $425.00 (Won’t do snow removal without landscaping contract.)
LA 3” to 5” $700.00
Contract awarded to A and R.
·   New stump in landscape area (near South entrance) - in the landscaping as well as one between parking lot and sidewalk.
Board approved removal
·   Six pines have died in the common area near HD and Canary Court. Will remove all six pines and stumps and replace.
Board approved property manager to bid the following:
§   Six pines removed and grind stumps
§   Six pines removed and stumps removed
§   Install 2 pines
§   Install 3 pines
·   Signs around the ponds need wrapping at the bottom to protect them (like mail posts)
Bryan will install
·   Tree fallen next to the pool (“South side”) in middle of line of trees
Bob and Bryan to look into removing the tree
·   North islands – lights on every tree (like South entrance). 
Property manager will get a bid.
·   Leaning tree in front of tennis court
Bob and Bryan to look into options
·   Missing boards on gate between tennis court an pool into Cherry Tree El
Bob and Bryan to look into options
·   Purchase of tables (replacement for cracked ones)
Bryan will look into tables.
·   Indy Pools removed tarps and winterized pool.
·   Pool Landscape
Bob and Bryan report at next meeting
·   Indy Pool contract renew price is $14,558.00.Does not include extension (Third weekend of September; guards on weekends in Sept.) and two hours of cleaning.
·   DRW construction was consulted and made a bid for the drain and we won’t receive new drain order until January.
·   Pool house – equipment and storage room clean up.
·   Pool cover for small pool has been ordered.
·   Fence painting completed.
·   Rebid contract with ASAP; sign contract by mid-October
Leistner $1,990.00/$350.00 per fountain
ASAP $2,990.00/$385.00 per fountain
Recommendation: Tentative approval to Leistner pending further contract review by ASAP.
·   Fountain removed and stored at ASAP.
·   Pond Health discussion –
Primrose – Sprayed 9/13/08.
Will have ASAP check it out since it is prominent again.Rip-raf and erosion. 
Board approved to put rock around culverts; will bid contracts.
·   Management Fee: Increase of $775.00. Board will review and make decision.
·   Website – sponsors
Sponsors’ fees to be required by vendors. Motion approved to have sponsors’ fees set at $50.00 and non-sponsors’ fees are $75.00.
·   Softball committee update
Joe Loomis will update information on website this weekend.
Phase I is completed of construction; a week earlier than anticipated.
Phase II will include the construction of a sidewalk from gate to school.
Parking may continue to be an issue when fields are completed.
·   Dues Increase
Per Capital Improvement Plan, $40/annually fee increase. Increase would cover increase to operating budget and capital improvement plan. Increase would start in Apr/09, Homeowners to be notified in Dec/09 bill. Motion approved by Board.
Next Meeting: December 2 @ 6:00pm 
Meeting adjourned at: 9:25 pm