September 2008 - HOA Board meeting minutes
Posted on Oct 9th, 2008

Avian Glen Homeowners Association Board Meeting
September 29, 2008
Present: Cindy Armour, Bob Percy, Bryan Klepinger, Vicki Shafer, Joe Loomis, James Murphy, Kevin Kultgen
New Business:
·         New positions:
President – Bob Percy
Vice-President – Bryan Klepinger
Treasurer – James Murphy
ARC – Joe Loomis
Secretary – Vicki Shafer
Armour Management Company – report by Cindy Armour
·         Savings account balance as  $51, 637.93
·         Checking account balance as of 9/08 is $20,574.89
·         CD account balance as of 9/08 is  $22,753.54
·         CD account balance as of 9/08 is $10,000.00
·         2007 Audit is complete.
·         Tax return and Audit for 2008 completed
·         Remain with Comer Nowling and Associates.
Homeowners’ Concerns from Annual Meeting: (Not addressed elsewhere)
·         Look into using energy efficient light bulbs. In the future replacements, we will look into more efficient light bulbs.
·   Look at tree at north entrance.
·   Form ad hoc softball committee (Monitor construction and usage of fields; perspective of neighborhood).  Joe will be the liaison and coordinate the information.
·   Form nomination committee; in the by-laws.
·   Form ad hoc capital improvement committee. Treasurer will oversee this committee. Explore increase of dues.
·   Make sure the ARC is a committee and just one individual.
·   Mailboxes – Received 3 emails back where homeowners have replaced mailbox but are now dented. All green mailboxes have been replaced.
·   Status of landscaping
·   Painting of fence
·   Rebid Christmas Lights on first island trees at entrances, entrance walls, and wreaths
·   Irrigation at North entrance: look into different nozzle. Not a leak.
·   Irrigation box at front of Pool house needs to be checked.
·   Six Spruce trees newly installed will be removed and ground repaired with a credit to our invoice.
·   Seven Honey Locust will be installed in each island
·   Fence painting around perimeter is complete
·   Certa Pro will be spraying the pool fence. Front fences are complete
·   Will rebid contract with Becker for next year (First Class, Engledow, Becker)
·   Snow removal contract; last year we used A & R. Will also bid the landscapers for snow removal.
·   All stumps removed and seeded. New stump in landscape area (near South entrance).
·   Three pines have died in the common area near HD and Canary Court
·   Two white pines were removed at south side of pool
·   Purchase of tables (replacement for cracked ones) Bryan will look into tables.
·   Indy Pools will remove tarps.
·   Pool Landscape (Table for future discussion)
·   Extend until the third weekend of September; guards on weekends in Sept.,
·   Two hours of cleaning
·   New Drain Legislation requires drain covers, sometimes replacement of drains.
·   DRW construction (Cindy has used him in the past). Will look at the pool and provide free consultation. 
·   Rebid contract with ASAP; sign contract by mid-October
·   Fountain will be removed in October; will delay until new contract is signed.
·   Sidewalk repairs: need to be repaired by Homeowners Assoc. for common areas and homeowners are responsible for areas they own
·   Insurance switched to CAU (need a two million policy)
·   Website – use for notification of pool issues, news, social committee, etc, (Cindy puts in the information.) Homeowners need to register.
·         100% enrollment in website registration
·         Expand capability of the Web site
Next Meeting: November 4, 2008 @ 7:00pm at Starbucks
Meeting adjourned at: 9:05 pm