Posted on Oct 20th, 2008

Dear Neighbors ~


I have been asked by the board to be the neighborhood Crime Watch representative, and I am glad to accept! The purpose of this email is to update you on crime watch procedures in Avian Glen.


Avian Glen has been assigned a specific contact at the Carmel Police Department. This contact will be emailing me alerts about crimes that have taken place in Carmel. As I receive these, I will immediately forward to the neighbors any news that is specific to Avian Glen, or the adjoining neighborhoods. We will also post updates on the Avian Glen website,


The Carmel Police Department tells me that while we are fortunate to live in a neighborhood with low levels of crime, during challenging economic times we all need to be extra vigilant and look out for each other. One way to let others know that we are active is to have appropriate crime watch signage in place. The Carmel Police will be replacing crime watch signs at Avian Glen\\\'s 2 main entrances in the near future, at no cost to us.


Vehicles speeding through the neighborhood has been a concern of residents for some time. We have requested that the Carmel Police place electronic traffic trailers in several locations throughout the neighborhood. These are the temporary signs that tell the drivers what speed they are going as they pass by. This will hopefully call attention to those who speed through Avian Glen, letting them know that this is unacceptable to us. When the trailers are in place, you may notice more presence of Carmel Police on motorcycles.


Finally, please don\\\'t hesitate to call the Carmel Police Department at any time if you observe crime or suspicious activity in Avian Glen. For emergencies call 911. The non-emergency number to call is 571-2580. Calls to this number could include suspicious vehicles making repeated trips through the streets or door to door solicitors that you are not comfortable with. The crime watch handbook says, "Don\'t hesitate to call law enforcement officials if you see anything suspicious -- even if you\'re afraid it might turn out to be nothing."


Please feel free to email me or call at 815-6809 with any questions or concerns about crime watch. Thanks for helping to keep Avian Glen a safe place to live!


Kim Greene